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Winter hiking

Francesco Petrarca started it all. In historical documents, he has been called «the first tourist» because he travelled for pure enjoyment without a specific purpose. His wanderings, of course, took place in summer – winter hiking was all but unheard of in the 14th century. This has definitely changed. Nowadays, the infrastructure is in place. All we need are the right clothes and shoes to be able to immerse ourselves in the white snow of the Jungfrau Region.

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Follow the pink signs and posts.

We need a single skill to enjoy all that winter has to offer here: we have to be able to walk. Well, let’s assume this is a given. Everything else that comes after that is fairly straightforward and hassle-free. The winter hiking trails are marked with pink signposts and well maintained. The easiest way to experience winter first hand.

Conscientious winter hiking.

No question. We pay close attention to the signals of the avalanche service. And obviously: we don’t go down closed trails. It wouldn’t make any sense to leave the marked trails. We would otherwise only disturb the wild game. And it goes without saying that we don’t leave our rubbish behind in this pristine landscape. Never. That's not who we are.

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