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Over 20 sledging routes await you in the Jungfrau Region. You can try out the Grindelwald invention Velogemel and glide through the snowy landscape on two runners at night. Have fun!

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The longest sledge run in the world

Longer, Big Pintenfritz: the run from the Faulhorn down to Grindelwald is over 15 km long. That's a world record for a sledge run. The start at 2681 m above sea level can only be reached on foot.

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From the Bob Run to the Fox Run

Apollo Run and Bob sled run in Mürren, the City Run from Bussalp to Grindelwald, Grosse Scheidegg - Schwarzwaldalp, Sulwald - Isenfluh - Lauterbrunnen or the Fox Run in Wengen: Numerous other tobogganing classics await you in the Jungfrau Region.

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A Grindelwald invention

Over 100 years ago, Christian Bühlmann from Grindelwald made a sports sledge modelled on the bicycle. Today the Velogemel is cult. When you visit the Jungfrau Region, you simply must try it out.

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Under the stars

A descent through the winter landscape at night? Some sledging routes are also open at night. Before you set off, you can enjoy a culinary treat.

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No sledge? No problem!

You are in the Jungfrau Region but don't have a sledge with you? You can find one in these sports shops for a small fee. Or you can find out in advance whether it's possible to hire a sledge locally.

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Safety first

Sledging does not require any special skills. Sledging is fun for young and old. However, good equipment is a must. Waterproof shoes with a good tread, warm and also waterproof clothing, gloves and headgear. And we definitely recommend wearing a helmet.

Tip: Food is not a must, however, as numerous huts invite you to warm up, drink tea and eat fondue.

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