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Towards The Sun

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 47

The days are getting shorter again, it is slowly getting cooler. But nature doesn't let us notice anything at first - it adds a spectacle to the colour scheme. This is autumn, the setting sun of summer. This blog is also about the sun. More precisely, it's about four beautiful places where you can marvel at the natural spectacle of a sunrise or sunset.

#1 Badesee Hasliberg

As soon as the sky turns blue and the sun's rays tickle your nose, the team from the bathing lake Hasliberg is there for you.

#2 Leiterhorn

From the Leiterhorn, the Lauterbrunnen Valley presents itself in its entire length. The view up to the Jungfrau and the striking, pyramid-shaped Silberhon is also magnificent.  

This spot can be reached from Wengen via the Leiterhorn Trail in about one hour.

#3 Bachalpsee with upgrade Faulhorn

When there is no wind, the Schreckhorn is reflected in the crystal clear water of the Bachalpsee. One of the most popular photo subjects from the region, the charisma of this mountain lake, must be experienced by yourself. It's also not strenuous - from the ridge you can reach the Bachalpsee on foot in less than an hour. 

Here you have to earn the sunrise or sunset a little more: From Bachalpsee a steep hiking trail leads towards Faulhorn. The reward is generous: views of the most beautiful mountains, of Lakes Thun and Brienz and even farther afield to France. To avoid a night action, you can spend the night comfortably at the Berghotel Faulhorn. 

#4 Bryndli

The Bryndli is located on the alpine hiking trail from Mürren to the Rotstockhütte. Great spot at 2134 m above sea level - with 360-degree summit panorama.

A little bit of adventure and discovery is of course allowed at this point. These are by far not all places where you can watch the sun rise or set comfortably.

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