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6 Waterfalls In The Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 66

We can' t list all the waterfalls in the Jungfrau Region here, it would go beyond the capacity of this blogpost. There are 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley alone. But we have picked out a few gems for you.


High, higher, Mürrenbach Falls. The water plunges down 417 metres into the Lauterbrunnen Valley near Stechelberg. The highest waterfall makes its big appearance after the snow melts in spring and after heavy thunderstorms in summer. Otherwise, the Staubbach Fall steals the show. Although it is less high, it falls much more decoratively than the Mürrenbach, which is hidden between rocks.


The Sprutz waterfall is located between Mürren and Gimmelwald. The descent to the waterfall is steep and often a little slippery. Because the path leads behind the waterfall, the experience is often combined with a little refreshment.


The 297-metre-high waterfall is the landmark of Lauterbrunnen - and the highest free-falling waterfall in Switzerland. Because of the frequent thermals, the water is sprayed in all directions, which gave the waterfall its name. During the high season it is illuminated. And in summer we can view it from behind thanks to a specially created gallery. Entrance is free of charge. Even the world-famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was inspired by the imposing waterfall and wrote the poem «Gesang der Geister über den Wassern» in 1779.


The ten glacier waterfalls inside the mountain, made accessible by a tunnel lift, make the Trümmelbach Falls unique. They are considered the largest underground waterfalls in Europe. This is where we are fascinated by the power of the water, by the deafening noise. The Trümmelbach alone drains the huge glacier walls of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau with up to 20 000 litres of water per second.


When we have almost reached the end of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, we get to see another impressive waterfall, the Schmadribach Falls. It originates from the Breithorn glacier and the Schmadrigletscher glacier - and tumbles down over limestone banks into the farthest Lauterbrunnen valley. The total height of the Schmadribach Falls is 270 metres over several steps.


The roaring waters of the Reichenbach Falls showed the bold engineers the way when they laid the tracks for the factory cable railway in 1899. Eye to eye with the wild stream and the mighty, 120-metre-high Reichenbach Falls, the nostalgia railway rides upwards in its true-to-the-original 24-seater wooden carriage. Once at the top, we can enjoy the breathtaking view of the waterfall and the Haslital on three viewing terraces. For Sherlock Holmes fans, this excursion is almost a must. This is where the famous detective challenged his arch-enemy Professor Moriarty to a fight - the fierce scuffle ended with a fall into the depths. Into this very waterfall.

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