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getwell praxis

In the middle of Mürren

getwell Praxis
Uf em Bort
CH - 3825   Mürren
+41 79 362 55 55

A treat for your body

Verena has been interested in natural remedies and methods since she was a young woman. This hobby has accompanied her throughout her life until she made it her profession.
For more than ten years she has been treating not only guests in Mürren, but also many locals who trust in her skills and enjoy Verena's friendly nature.

In the village getwell is known above all for the reflexology. This massage therapy supports the self-healing process and has a calming effect. Perfect if you have not yet been able to completely release yourself from the stress of everyday life in the quiet mountain village.

Opening hours

The practice is open all year round from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

All appointments must be arranged by telephone.


Foot reflexology treatment
The reflex zones on the foot positively influence and support organ and body functions. A foot reflex zone treatment strengthens the immune system, promotes self-healing powers, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation and accelerates the elimination of toxins. The treatment is used for headaches and back pain, stomach and digestive problems, muscular tension, joint and rheumatic complaints, digestive disorders, menstrual and menopausal problems and for well-being.

Reflective lymphatic drainage
Reflective lymphatic drainage is a gentle treatment, which is carried out via the feet. The organism is gently stimulated and cleansed. The treatment is suitable for stimulating lymph flow, for heavy legs, colds, hay fever, rheumatic complaints, for building up the immune system, for relaxation and for pregnant women (from the 3rd month).

Aromatic oil foot massage
The rhythmic massage supports the immune system, enhances well-being and harmonises body, mind and soul. The active substances of the oils help to relieve heavy or aching feet and legs pain, to improve blood circulation and to influence the lymphatic system. The massage oil is specially blended according to your personal preferences and needs. Only biological and naturally pure basic oils and essential oils are used.

Foot care
The feet carry us reliably through our lives step by step. We demand top performance from them without really thanking them for it. Hardly any other part of the body is so underestimated by us as the feet.
Take care of your feet and treat them with a foot care package:
- Footbath
- Shorten nails
- Nail Care
- Removing cornifications and calluses
- Peeling and small foot massage
- Paint nails on request
Duration approx. 60 min., with foot massage approx. 90 min.

Homemade herbal oils and balsams
The woman from Mürren also offers homemade oils, ointments, bath salts and tea made from herbs. These are made exclusively from natural ingredients and are used for all treatments.


Foot care
Complete treatment, 60 min: CHF 85.-

Complete treatment with foot massage, 90 min: CHF 125.-
Every further quarter of an hour: CHF 20.-

Partial treatment, 30 min: CHF 50.-
Partial treatments, 45 min: CHF 70.-

30 min: CHF 60.-
45 min: CHF 80.-
60 min: CHF 100.-
75 min: CHF 120.-


The practice is located on the lower main street, in the middle of Mürren. It is easy to reach from any hotel.
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getwell Praxis
Uf em Bort
CH - 3825   Mürren
+41 79 362 55 55

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