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Retreat "It's time - time for your newness"

19 - 22 October 2023

Gasthaus Zwirgi
Scheideggstrasse 451
CH - 3860   Schattenhalb/Meiringen
+41 33 971 14 22

Life wants to be lived. It gifts us and delights us, challenges us and sometimes exhausts us. Every morning we face a beginning, a new day that is started and becomes part of our lives. And when we consciously approach the question:

What is the meaning of all that I initiate every day - for me? And for the others?

It is time - to face what is inside us. What wants to be ignited. What we can become if we take the initiative. If we dedicate ourselves to our self-confidence and self-efficacy, we become more aware, clearer and more compassionate. It is the beginning of what could be if we let it be....

It is about initiative - a beginning, a start.
Change begins with the decision: to step out of habit and patterns and make a new - self-initiated - fresh start.

Do you feel like change? To reinvent yourself? To appreciate what is slumbering inside you and to move forward with new impulses? Then it's time for:
Your time out - for you and your path in life. To consciously tune into something new. To strengthen your creative power. For your newness.

In this retreat you will experience valuable impulses from life. We look authentically and genuinely at what is and what may become. Exercises for new experiences, insight constellations as well as rituals in nature enable you to get in touch with your self and your soul power, which wants to unfold. Experiencing is in the foreground, because movement becomes possible - inwardly as well as outwardly. Exchange, amazement, peace, fun and joy - I am very much looking forward to these exciting and enriching days with you...


Fr. 380 per person (excl. room/full board: paid directly on site).


At the beautiful Zwirgi Gasthaus, with a far-reaching view over Meiringen.

More info:

Registration: | 078 728 75 82

Gasthaus Zwirgi
Scheideggstrasse 451
CH - 3860   Schattenhalb/Meiringen
+41 33 971 14 22

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