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Bench patronage


Grindelwald Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 110
CH - 3818   Grindelwald
+41 33 854 12 12

A path doesn't necessarily need a destination, but it does need places to pause.

Give yourself or a loved one a special gift: Choose a bench at your favorite place and designate a bench sponsor.

A bench costs CHF 300 per year, including engraving, care and maintenance - you commit yourself for five years (one-off payment of CHF 1500 at the beginning of the term).  

For orders before 01.06.2024, your bench will be installed in summer 2024.
If the order was made after this date, the bench will be installed in 2025.

How it works

  1. Choose a free seat on the bench map, allocation takes place according to the first-come-first-served principle
  2. Personalize your bench: You have 60 characters for your message.
  3. Register for sponsorship with Grindelwald Tourism using the registration form. A certificate will be created and awarded for each sponsorship.
Application form


The minimum duration of the sponsorship is 5 years and can be renewed afterwards, regardless of this decision the bench will be renewed in any case. The owner of the bench remains during the whole sponsorship the municipality of Grindelwald.

If the bench should still be in tact after the sponsorship, the sponsor can take over the bench free of charge and pick it up at the Werkhof Grindelwald. The remaining benches will be taken over by the community of Grindelwald.

Grindelwald Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 110
CH - 3818   Grindelwald
+41 33 854 12 12

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