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Thomi, the Swiss ranger, and the marmots

Who is not familiar with this? Holidays, a leisurely hike through the magical mountain countryside, suddenly a high-pitched whistle interrupts the peaceful atmosphere. Look, listen - but usually it's too late. The sweet little Alpine animals which you really wanted to see, the marmots have already disappeared into their burrow. 

You don't just want to hear the marmots whistle, you want to watch them from a distance? Want to see what a marmot does all day, his life in summer under the warming sun or in winter when winter dormancy settles in the mountains?
Come on an adventure in Haslital with Thomi the Swiss ranger. He's outside every day, in all kinds of weather.

He takes care of the countryside in Haslital, the habitat and home of our diverse flora and fauna. It's not just the home of the marmot that he knows all about, he also knows about animal tracks, knows the different birdcalls and can tell you what plants grow on the wayside and even which ones you can eat.
Accompany Thomi, the Swiss ranger, to the places where the marmots hang out in Haslital. He's looking forward to taking you with him on an adventure in Oberaar, Gental or on the Stein Glacier.

Guided tours (in all weathers)
Dates: 15.06. / 06.07. / 10.08. / 07.09. / 05.10.
Min. number of participants: 6
Max. number of participants: 14
Tour length: 1/2 day
Price: CHF 25.00

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