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Kleiner and Grosser Diamantstock

Two very worthwhile climbing tours in Bächlital.

Kleiner Diamantstock

Beautiful climbing terrain, exposed to the south. From the Bächlital hut in the direction of the Bächligletscher to the foot of the Kleiner Diamantstock. From here, to the peak in around 10 rope lengths (two routes). The descent takes you slightly on the north side of the ridge to the east over strange rubble to the gap and down over the scree (look out for the abseiling spot). 

Difficulty: 5a and 5a+
Length: around 6 hrs

Grosser Diamantstock, East Ridge

Alpine climbing on the best granite. The starting point can be reached from the Bächlital hut over the Bächligletscher into the Underi Bächlilicken, where the climbing begins. The well-secured route over good granite leads you over the east ridge to the peak. The descent can be made over the SW ridge or by means of going up and down the ledges on the western flank. 

Difficulty: 4a
Length: roughly 9 hrs

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