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Hut tour «From the Titlis to the Eiger»

Day 1: Engelberg – Haslital
The best way to Engelberg is by public transport from Lucerne. With the gondola and the Chair lift to the Jochpass (catering possibility). Overnight stay in the Self-catering hut Mägisalp (wood-fired heating/stove, no electricity!), alternative Overnight accommodation in the mountain restaurant Käserstatt.

Route day 1: GPX-data

2nd day: Mägisalp - Meiringen - Grosse Scheidegg – First
From Meiringen (catering and shopping facilities) by post bus to the Grosse
Scheidegg. Registration for bike transport recommended! Overnight stay at mountain guesthouse First.

Routes Day 2:
2a: Mägisalp - Meiringen: GPX-data
2b: Grosse Scheidegg – First: GPX-data

Day 3: First - Grindelwald - Kleine Scheidegg - Wengen – Interlaken
Supertrail Bachalpseetrail to Grindelwald (catering and shopping facilities). Long ascent to Kleine Scheidegg, descent to Lauterbrunnen via the Lauberhorn run.

Routes day 3:
3a: First - Grindelwald: GPX-data
3b: Grindelwald – Interlaken Ost: GPX-data

If this stage is too long for you, you can spend one night in the mountain lodge Grindelwaldblick on Kleine Scheidegg and only the next day to Lauterbrunnen and we're gonna have to leave.
The tour can be extended with another stage and overnight stay at the Rotstock Hut. With the cable car from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp, leisurely to Mürren and then steeper, on trails and partly on foot to the Rotstock Hut.

Grütschalp - Rotstock Hut - Stechelberg - Interlaken: GPX-data

Still not enough? For the indefatigable there is a little Goodie on the Program. From Lauterbrunnen take the track to Grütschalp again and ride the freeride track.

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