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Fixed climbing route Tierbergli

The Tierbergli climbing route - in the Susten Pass region – can be climbed as a day tour or with an overnight stay in the Tierbergli hutt.

A stunning, high alpine route with wonderful views of the Susten Pass and the Gadmen Valley. The view from the Tierbergli hutt of the snow covered Susten and Gwächten mountains is stunning!

Accessible from the end of June to beginning October.

  • Starting point: Parking Umpol (reachable via Steingletscher on a taxable road)
  • Ascent: 3 h via the fixed climbing route, partial on the hut trail of the Tierbergli hut
  • Descent: 2 h via the hut trail back to the parking Umpol
  • Altitude: 900 m
  • Difficulty: T4 alpine hike trail (white-blue marked)
  • Equipment: climbing harness, kit for fixed climbing routes, helmet, gloves

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