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Fishing in the Haslital

Fishing from the shores of lake Brienz is permitted (rods with single barbless hook). For fishing on other waters as well as on the lakes a valid licence is necessary. Information on fishing regulations, temporary permits available at the Tourist Centre Innertkirchen, Reichenbach Lodge, Meiringen and Hotel Engstlenalp.

The fishing law of the canton of Bern has three different fishing rights:

1. The free line entitlement: Permit-free fishing from the bank with a single fishing rod and simple hook (no triplet hooks) is permitted at lake Brienz and lake Thung. Please note that there is an animal protection law which strictly forbids the use of barbed hooks! Permits are needed for all other bodies of water!

2. The cantonal permit: Owners of a cantonal permit (day or week version) have the right to fish in the bodies of water listed in the permit. These are the following mountain lakes, rivers and streams in Haslital: - Engstlensee - Gelmersee - Mattenalpsee - Räterichsbodensee - Lake Brienz - Aare* - Reichenbach* - Urbach*  *These bodies of water may only be used for fishing on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 

3. Privately-leased waters: For the protection of these naturally sustained mountain streams from overfishing, day permits – in limited numbers only – can be obtained at the Reichenbach Lodge in Meiringen ( Early reservation of the necessary licences for privately-leased waters is therefore recommended.

Angeln Engstlensee

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