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climbing and bouldering

The Haslital is a world famous climbing and bouldering mecca. The long, multi-length routes in the steep high alpine limestone faces in the Wendenstock are an alpinists dream. Climbing in the gneiss rock faces in the Susten area or the compact granite cliffs in the Grimsel area offer challenges galore. Not to mention the routes above the Grimsel storage lake…

Exposed ridge climbs like the Diamantstock E ridge in the Bächlital or the climb across the Gelmerhorn mountains. The Engelhorn mountains above Meiringen offer a very special climbing experience. These imposing cliffs are also known as the «Hasli-Dolomites» Quite a number of mountain guide careers have begun here.

There are also numerous boulder problems in the middle of fascinating nature.

As a climber there is really lots to discover in the Haslital – as a beginner or an expert, this fascinating sport is at home in the Haslital.

Alpine routes of multiple rope lengths in limestone

  • Wellhorn S-Wand 4c
  • Kingwand 5c
  • Tälliwand

Alpine routes of multiple rope lengths in granite

  • Mittagfluh «Kante» 4a
  • Handegg «Fairhandsline» 6a
  • Eldorado «Motörhead» 6a

Alpine ridge climbs Engelhörner

  • Kleiner and Grosser Simelistock 4a
  • Westgruppe 4a
  • Mittelgruppe 4c

Alpine ridge climbs in granite

  • Kleines and Grosses Gelmerhorn 4a
  • Diamantstock E-Grat 4a
  • Brandlammhorn S-Grat 4a

Climbing parks

  • Rotsteini
  • Staldenfluh
  • Schillingsfluh
  • Berettli
  • and many other

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