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Arvenstübli, Eiger Guesthouse

Cosy restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere

Italian specialities in the Arvenstübli

Pizza and other delicacies in Mürren

The restaurant das zum Eiger Guesthouse offers guests a pleasant and uncomplicated dining experience in the so-called Arvenstübli. There you will be served mainly Italian delicacies such as pizza, pasta & co.
The interior with billiard table and bar makes the restaurant a real pub!
The Arvenstübli also offers a take-away service so that you can enjoy your meal at home.

Opening hours

The Arvenstübli serves hot dishes from 11.30-14.00 hours and 18.00-21.00 hours. 


The Arvenstübli is located in the Eiger Guesthouse which is directly in front of the Banhof Mürren. 

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