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Eiger Bike Challenge 2020

08.08.2020, Grindelwald

Verein Eiger Bike Challenge
CH-3818 Grindelwald

With its 1000 participants, the Eiger Bike Challenge is one of the five largest mountain bike events in Switzerland. Experience a breathtaking bike race in Grindelwald from an impressive mountain backdrop.

Distance 80 km: 80 km / 4200 m difference in altitude
Route Stafette (team of 2): 80 km / 4200 m difference in altitude
Distance 50 km: 50 km / 2500 m difference in altitude
Distance 30 km: 30 km / 1300 m difference in altitude
Distance 20 km: 20 km / 950 m difference in altitude
ELKI category (1 adult + 1 child): 20 km / 950 m altitude difference
Adults born in 2001 and later
Child born 2006-2010

Attention: Some sections of the track are only passable on race day, please pay attention to the signalling.
Starting times 80 km: 07.00 hrs (start in the finish area)
50 km: 07.45 am (start in the finish area)
50 km: 08.15 am (start in the finish area)
30 km: 08.45 (start in the finish area)
20 km: 10.00 a.m. (start in the finish area)
(licensed ones all start in the 1st block)

- 80 km distance: from vintage 2001 and older
- 50/30/20 km distance: from vintage 2005 and older
- ELKI (20 km): 1 adult born in 2001 or later / 1 child born in 2006-2010
- Relay 80 km (team of 2): from age group 2001

Entry fee
80 km: CHF 95
50 km: CHF 85
30 km: CHF 70
20 km: CHF 55

50 km juniors: CHF 45
30 km Juniors: CHF 40
20 km Juniors: CHF 35
*Support for juniors by Gasser Felstechnik AG

20 km ELKI: CHF 90
Relay 80 km (team of 2): CHF 125

Pumptrack: CHF 10

Late entries in general + CHF 20 (from 1 August 2020)

Included in the entry fee:
Delivery of the rider set with start number, souvenir gift
Breakfast for riders from 4.00 am in the marquee (incl. pasta!)
Meal voucher
Professional timekeeping: Datasport (Chip)
Personal starting number with name! (for registration until 31.07.)
150 track marshals
catering posts, repair posts - medical posts, massage posts
Hot shower for everyone - Bike wash
Bikers-Village on the finish area
Bike course for children at the finish area
Certificate printout via Internet
Ranking on the Internet

Helmet and gloves obligatory, every biker is responsible for his/her own vehicle (raceworthy condition!)

The OK and the police point out the danger of theft: Keep bikes overnight safely (in lockable rooms, hotel rooms etc.) Also cars are not safe, as experience has shown!

Behaviour in case of accidents:
No alarms on your own via mobile phone etc. - Measures will be initiated via the track marshal and ambulance and coordinated by the race doctor.

the responsibility of the participant, the organizer declines any liability


Start list

Registration deadline
For registration by 31 July (= name on race number)
Late registration possible from 1 August (+ CHF 20.-)
Online registration until Wednesday, August 5
From 7 August: Late registration on site is still possible up to 1 hour before the respective start

Issue of race numbers
Friday 17.00 to 19.00 and Saturday 11.00 to 18.00 (finish area)
Sunday, from 06.00 o'clock still possible
Start number allocation: 1. best time of the last 3 years, 2. date of payment

Overall prizes for the three best men and women over 80, 50, 30 and 20 km



Information about the event

Date / Period

  • 08.08.2020 - 09.08.2020
    Sa Su

Meeting point / Venue

3818 Grindelwald


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