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Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 03

Switzerland's a country of many mountains and rocks. On almost every hill, no matter how small, we Swiss built a mountain railway or gondola. It's not because we're lazy and unathletic - we're just really good at building them. Joking aside, our unique mountain landscapes are also hiked and climbed by many people with pure muscle and not machine power. Somehow we're pretty sure Spiderman would like it here. But sorry Spidey, there are not many criminals to chase around here, Switzerland's a pretty safe country. But that's a different story...

Jungfrau Region Bergwelt

Now we'd rather take a closer look at climbing. Don't worry, we’re not gonna make you run up the Eiger mountain. The following climbing activities in the Jungfrau Region are there to inspire you and bring you a little closer to the topic.

Climbing tours

Lobhorn traverse

  • Multi-rope tour with alpine character, 4c level of difficulty
  • Awesome view, very exposed tour
  • Tour can be well combined with a following hike in the Schilthorn and an overnight stay in the Lobhorn hut

Rotstock west ridge

  • Multi-rope tour with alpine character, 2nd-3rd level of difficulty
  • Amidst the Eiger North Face – sniff a little mountain air
  • Tour can be combined with a hike on the Eiger Trail


Little language lesson: «Engel» means angel in German, «Hörner» means horns, an often used word ending for peaks – a fitting name as it‘s a graceful mountain range with numerous peaks at the northern end of the Bernese Alps. Here are 3 routes to look out for in this area:

  • Rosenlauistock
  • Small and big Simelistock
  • Kingspitze northeast

Via ferratas

Via ferrata in Mürren

  • Time required: 3 hours (half-day tour)
  • Level of difficulty: KS 3 (medium)
  • Not difficult but very exposed/airy via ferrata above the Lauterbrunnen Valley
  • Can be combined with hikes in Gimmelwald or Mürren

Via ferrata Schwarzhorn

  • Time required: 6 hours
  • Level of difficulty: KS 3 (alpine)
  • Medium difficult via ferrata on a fantastic panoramic summit of the Jungfrau Region
  • This via ferrata is normally tackled from First or rather Schreckfeld
  • After the via ferrata, a hiking trail leads down to either Grosse Scheidegg or until Schreckfeld

Via ferrata Rostock

  • Time required: 3 hours
  • Level of difficulty: KS 3 (alpine)
  • Like the Rotstock tour, amidst the Eiger north face – very cool via ferrata in every respect
  • Can be supplemented with the Eiger Trail – or a stop at Alpiglen mountain restaurant

Klettersteig Schwarzhorn

Rope parks

Indoor rope park Grindelwald

  • 5 courses with different levels of difficulty – elements all inspired by mountaineering
  • THE bad weather program in Grindelwald
  • Switzerland's largest indoor rope park

Rope park Interlaken

  • 9 courses with different levels of difficulty – 20 metres above the ground
  • Instruction before you go on the courses on your own
  • Children's course near the ground
  • 120 different obstacles

That all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Just so you know, all these different but equally great climbing experiences can be organised and booked through Grindelwald Sports, a ski and mountaineering school in Grindelwald.

The climbing tours can be booked as a day tour with a mountain guide. There are also suitable offers for the via ferratas (even two daily trips to the one in Mürren). Take your time to explore their offers and other important info online.

GrindelwaldSports, Ralf Gantzhorn

Hm...if you're a climbing fan or have just become one now, we could come up with an event to end this blog the right way. And that's exactly what we’re gonna do. Because as early as next week, the Haslital Mountain Festival will take place in Meiringen.

Haslital valley is considered to be a birthplace of Alpinism and a climbing, mountaineering and ski touring area of rare diversity and great tradition. Glaciologists, mountain pioneers, first ascent and legendary mountain guide personalities dominated the early years and the Golden age of alpinism here.

Almost 50 years ago the sport climbing movement reached Switzerland and the first routes on the Grimsel were opened. Soon the Haslital became a Mecca for wild climbers in Europe. Handegg, Eldorado, Wendenstöcke and Engelhörner continue to attract passionate climbers.

So the Haslital Mountain Festival, in the 4th edition this year, is a logical and modern development of the climbing enthusiasm in the Haslital. Find out more about the event and the program highlights here.

Klettern beim Mountain Festival Haslital

Well, what else to say besides all this climbing action? Have fun and don't look back in anger – no wait, that's Oasis. We meant don't look down!


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