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Hollywood or the Jungfrau Region?

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 14

Admittedly, beautiful hiking sceneries can be found almost everywhere. Of course also here in the Jungfrau Region. No question about it. We're even tempted to say that we have one of the most famous and impressive backdrops around. The Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau are quite majestic. Pooh, not bad this mountain trio. Simply...well, we can't say it any other way: ready for the big screen. So it's no wonder that numerous blockbusters can be associated with our region.

But enough of the bragging. Let us get more conrecte and briefly lead you through the little Hollywood we have here in the Jungfrau Region:

#1 Reichenbachfall, Meiringen

Where master detective Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy, Professor James Moriarty, fell to their deaths. Or did they?

#2 Bachalpsee Lake, Grindelwald

Basis for Alderaan, the home planet of the great Princess Leia. Take a gondola ride to Grindelwald-First, hike to the scenic mountain lake and may the force be with you.

#3 Breithorn

In the movie «Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald», Austria is named as the location. But this mountain, respectively the Nurmengard fortress of dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, is located in the beautiful Lauterbrunnen valley.

Bergwelt der Jungfrau Region © David Birri

#4 The Lauterbrunnen valley

In 1911, a 19-year-old Brit named J.R.R. Tolkien hiked through the Swiss Alps – including the Lauterbrunnen Valley with its steep rock faces. Here he found inspiration for the landscapes of «The Hobbit» and «Lord of the Rings». You might have heard about these. Fans will definitely feel transported to Middle-earth.

#5 Schilthorn, Mürren

This one's about another Brit, namely James Bond or 007, the agent with the license to kill. For the 1969's film «Her Majesty's Secret Service», the crew was looking for a sutiable basis for Bond villain Blofeld. Luckily, they found it in Mürren in the Swiss Alps. The revolving restaurant Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn got and kept its name through the film. The James Bond Phenomenon has helped the small mountain farming village financially and kickstarted tourism here.

Well, these blockbusters speak for themselves. (Almost) everybody knows them. There's no need for further explanations. It's best to just come by yourself and get an idea (or hopefully several) of the region. A region in which all the places of inspiration and shooting are easily accessible through a well signposted hiking network. And the best thing about it: There's even a package that makes such a hike possible without effort. A six-day hike in a uniquely diverse region in the heart of Switzerland: the Jungfrau Region. True home of great legends and heroes.

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