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Best Fotospots around of Wengen

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Yes, dear friends of the good picture...

...your virtual-friends will envy you - and your follower-counter will jump up! The panorama around Wengen is comparable to the Grand Canyon, only much more contrasting. The view reaches into the lush green Lauterbrunnen Valley at 800m.a.s.l. Only 4.5 kilometres further on, the snow and glacier covered Jungfrau can be seen at 4'158m.a.s.l. Definitely one of the most impressive views in the world and one of the most popular photo spots worldwide.    ...long speech - short sense. Convince yourself:


Leiterhorn - 1'526masl - 60 minutes walk

Barbecue spots near the lookout point. View over the whole Lauterbrunnen Valley with the top of the Eiger, the Moench and the Jungfrau in all its glory. At the end point view over the Luetschental to Interlaken. We recommend a combination with the Hunneflue hike.

Maps Leiterhorn


Hunneflue - 1'363masl - 35 minutes walk

On the way to Hunneflue best view over the Lauterbrunnen Valley with the Jungfrau. At the end point view over the Luetschental, Isenfluh and Interlaken. The path is quite flat and very easy to walk. Combination with Leiterhorn recommended.

Maps Hunneflue

Moenchblick - 1'186masl - 35 minutes walk

No, there's no monk, but as the name suggests, you can see the monk's mountain top. Best point to look directly into the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Maps Moenchblick

Staubbachbaenkli - 1'268masl - 30 minutes walk

Is that where it has benches and you can see the Staubbach Falls?! Right! The viewpoint is right next to the finish area of the world famous Lauberhorn run. At this place it has many benches and the view goes directly towards the Staubbach - 297 meters of free falling mountain water. Ibexes are often seen in spring.

Maps Staubbachbaenkli

Staeublisegg - circular trail 30 minutes

If you prefer not to leave the village, you've come to the right place! This path goes under the village and the view is still great. Together with the chalets and the view, you will conjure up beautiful pictures on your camera!

Mendelssohn Memorial - 20 minutes walk

What a great honour it was... The famous composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy used to visit Wengen. What many don't know: Mendelssohn was also a gifted illustrator. On August 21, 1842, Mendelssohn was at this place and drew a sketch of the Jungfrau. It is considered to be the historically oldest representation of the village of Wengen.

Maps Memorial

Steinewaldweg - 1'410masl - 90 minutes round trip

As the name suggests, it goes through the forest along the Forest Nature Trail. At the top of "in Gassen" you can look at the lush green meadows with the snow-covered mountains.

Lauterbrunnen - 50 minutes walk

There are several routes leading to Lauterbrunnen. OK, there would be a train too, but we can recommend this hiking trail. If you're in a hurry, you'll end up with shaky knees, because the path leads down almost 500 metres in altitude. In the middle of the path is the best photo point together with Lauterbrunnen, the train and the Staubbach waterfall.


Wengen Tourismus
Wengiboden 1349B
CH - 3823   Wengen
+41 33 856 85 85

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