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Walks around Wengen

Our winter walks around Wengen

There are various winter walking paths around of Wengen. Please note, that there could be ice on the paths, depending on the current weather-condition. Therefore a good hiking equipment is necessary.


Walking distance to Staubbachbaenkli: approx. 25 minutes and 2.0km

Altitude: 1'268masl

Level: easy

From the train station follow the road in direction to Hotel Baeren. There you turn to the left towards Innerwengen. The path goes along a paved road. Pass the finish area of the international Lauberhorn World Cup Ski Race. Just beside of the finish area you find the Café Mary and the Snackbar Innerwengen. Another 5 minutes away, you will find benches. There you have the best view to the Staubbach waterfall in the Lauterbrunnen Valley with 297 metres free falling water.

From about end of february until about mid of May you may observe wild ibexes.

This path is suitable for strollers.

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Hiking time to Mönchblick: approx. 30 minutes and 1.8km

Altitude: 1'186müM

Level: easy/intermediate

Starting point is Wengen railway station. From there you walk along the mainroad, past the Reformed Church and the Hotel Bellevue. The path is paved and wide until you reach "Am Sattel". At this point, the path continues to the right along a narrow path for about 150 metres until you reach the benches of the Mönchblick. A few metres further up there is also a bench. Normally you cannot see Mount Mönch from Wengen. As the name suggests, you can see the top of the Mönch at this viewpoint.

The path is suitable for families. For the last 150 metres, the stroller may have to be left standing.


Hiking time to Hunneflue: Approx. 35 minutes and 1.9km
Altitude: 1'363m
Level: Easy

Starting point is Wengen railway station. From there you walk along the mainroad. At the Hotel Palace turn right and then left again. At "Ledi" you already have a wonderful view of the Lauterbrunnen valley. Continue along the wide path to "am Hubel". The last stretch takes us to the Hunneflue viewpoint after about 50 metres. Those who are not afraid of heights should not venture too close to the railing, as the view goes vertically 600 metres down into the depths. The view reaches as far as Interlaken and the Niederhorn and on the other side of the valley to the village of Isenfluh.

This trail is suitable for families and a stroller can be taken along. Depending on the snow situation, the last few metres can be difficult.

Tip: At the Hunneflue, a path turns right up to the Leiterhorn. If you have snowshoes, or if the path has little or no snow, you can hike up to the Leiterhorn. Then return via Flüelenboden to Wengen.

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Hiking time for circular route: approx. 35 minutes and 2.0km

Level: Easy

This circular walk takes you through the village and offers the best views of the mountain world and the Lauterbrunnen valley. The starting point is Wengen railway station. From there you walk along the village street to the Reformed Church. It is worth stopping at the Reformed Church to enjoy the panorama. Continue to the Hotel Bellevue where the path turns right and leads back towards the mountains. The trail continues along the tracks of the Wengernalp Railway. Here it is worth taking a photo of the railway together with the Jungfrau and the Lauterbrunnen valley. Continue straight on to the Hotel Bären where the path turns left and takes us back to the station.

This circular route is perfect for walkers who want to stay in the village and still enjoy the panorama.


Hiking time to Leiterhorn: approx. 60 minutes and 2.4km
Level: medium
Altitude: 1'526m

The Leiterhorn Trail is primarily a snowshoe trail. Weather permitting, this trail can also be hiked with winter hiking boots.

Direct route: From Wengen village to Flüelenboden. From there continue in the direction of the Leiterhorn.

Circular route: From Wengen village in the direction of Hunneflue. From Hunneflue the path leads upwards to the right to the Leiterhorn. On the way back you can take the forest path towards Flüelenboden and on towards Wengen village.

The Leiterhorn offers a sensational view of the Lauterbrunnen valley and the mountain peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. At the end of the trail you can see the other side of the valley as far as Interlaken.

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Hiking time to Allmend: approx. 45 minutes and 2.2km
Altitude: 1'479müM
Level: Easy

From the village of Wengen, walk up along the Stutz along the Hotel Regina and Falken. At the junction, take the road to the right (not the ski slope) towards Allmend. Halfway up, the hikers and the sledders will share the path. On the Allmend you have the best overview of the whole village of Wengen. In addition, the Allmend has a mountain restaurant and a stop for the Wengernalpbahn.

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Weitere Winterwanderungen

Are the above-mentioned walking trails too short for you? Of course we also have longer winter hiking trails. You can see them HERE.

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